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Visualising The Home Exhibition

Carlisle Photo is proud to announce our collaboration with Visualising Conferences is back.

This exhibition, to coincide with the theme ‘Visualising the Home’, is now open at The Vallum Gallery.

Open Monday – Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

The Vallum Gallery, University of Cumbria, Brampton Road, Carlisle, CA3 9AY


Join us for a glass of wine on Thursday 13th July at 5.30pm – 7.30pm to celebrate this exhibition and meet some of the photographers.


Visualising… are a series of biennial academic conferences bringing together theorists and practitioners to debate socially and culturally relevant themes as visualised through the medium of photography. They tap into a broad sheaf of debates with the clear focus on photographic representations of a given theme.

This year’s conference will take place on Thursday 13th – Friday 14th July 2017. If you would like to attend please click here for registration.


Visualising the Home

Carlisle Photo are hosting an exhibition in collaboration with Visualising the Home Conference; questioning the meaning of the home within contemporary society as seen through photography.

What does home mean to us today?

Home is characterised by familiarity and the everyday. We all have a sense of ‘home’, whether a happy home, or we remember a lost home, or wish for a better home. Yet, we do not often reflect on what home means to us, we are so used to our homes and habits that they are almost invisible to ourselves.

Still, home is a place full of complexities and tensions, saturated with memories, hopes, boredom, secrets, disappointments, histories and fantasies. Like our identities, our homes are deeply individual and multifaceted.

Homes feature widely within vernacular photography. It could be argued that the majority of amateur photography could be seen within the context of many visualisations of a multitude of homes, and we often turn to these images when change or upheaval in our lives destroy or make us leave our homes.

Yet, arguably, there is still a sense of taking note of a moment that is just that little bit more special than the completely homely familiarity of our everyday lives.

How, then, can photographers address the nature of home? What can photography tell us about the home? In this exhibition we see a rich variety of perspectives on the notion of home from the explorations of details and fissures in the home, depicting traces of habits and memories to archiving and imagining the home through architectural fantasies.

With this exhibition we consciously look at the diversity of home. Through wide ranging practices, this exhibition explores the essence, the deeply personal character and social importance of what home is.



Andy Lock – “Almost Home”

Barbara Kalina – “Dear Homeowner”

Celine Marchbank – “Tulip, my mother’s favourite flower” –

Daniel Regan – “What Light, What Darkness” –

Dave Bennett – “Shedding of Memories” –

Debby Akam – “Natural Order” –

Edwin Huddleston – “Granny Jones”

Emma Lambert – “The Whisky Men” –

Emma Sywyj – “China” –

Erika Ritzel – “It’s Hard to Find Home Again” –

Fiona MacLaren – “The Architecture of Home”

Henry Iddon – “Homes and Gardens” –

John Darwell – “Sharks in my Bathroom” –

Katharine MacDaid – “Of Calling Shapes and Beckoning Shadows” –

Kevin Percival – “Tanera (Ar Dùthaich)” –

Lesley Farrell – “Staying” –

Libby Rowe – “Dwellings” –

Louise Taylor – “Wombling: Archiving Dad” –

Lynne Connolly – “A Mile Apart” –

Mitch Karunaratne – “That, which is outwardly lost, must be inwardly won.” –

Patricia Prieto-Blanco – “The fluid space of home” – Instagram

Rachael Burns – “I’m very sentimental I am you know” –

Rebecca Howard – “Habitat” –

Rob Sara – “Sanctuary”

Rosy Martin – “Acts or Reparation – in situ” –

Sian Gouldstone – “These paths, we travel.” –

Stephen McCoy – “Archaeology of a Carpet” –

Sujata Majumdar – “Roots – Home” –

Zoe Hamill – “12 Miles” –

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